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Designing & Building Websites


Designing and building websites for today’s technologies require skills and knowledge one cannot simply get from an online site creator. That’s why we have so many types of designers and disciplines in the web community: product designers, user experience designers, user interface designers, engineers, programmers, strategists… the list goes on! Each designer and developer has an area of specialty, and they come together to craft well-thought-out, engaging, fitting products.



From beginning to end, every bit of work that goes into making a website will fall into either of PLAN> BUILD> EVOLVE blocks. There might be any number of steps in each of them, but (in general) the philosophy is direct and process is linear: make a good product that has been researched and evaluated, and continually improve that product over time.


Planning is the largest block of the web design process, both in terms of time, effort, and importance. The proverb “measure twice, cut once” comes to mind. Planning involves a great deal of steps and encompasses a huge number of tasks. It involves many people in varying disciplines, such as project managers, content strategists (CS), user experience designers (UX), user interface designers (UI), information architects (IA), search engine optimizers (SEO), and data analysts among others. MORE INFO


The actual “building” of a website involves taking everything that has been discovered and everything that has been formulated and creating the tangible product.  MORE INFO


A website development project is not completed the day it is launched. Once the site is live the next job is to promote the URL to drive users to the site. Block three (Evolve) includes many steps that are actioned after the site is made public.  MORE INFO





Melke Branding is really on the money! Sue & the team consistently put together fantastic Marketing & Branding concepts that support great promotional campaigns. They are highly regarded by all sectors of the Australian media and music industry for their original ideas and enthusiasm.

Michael Chugg

Managing Director, Michael Chugg Entertainment (MCE)

Sue's creative ideas and skills in graphics and production are superb! Her dedication to her Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries talent is incredible, and Sue supports every promotional effort her talent is involved in. We love working with you Sue!

Pam Slay

Senior Vice President, Network Program Publicity & Social Content, CROWN MEDIA FAMILY NETWORKS

Hiring Sue Melke to rebrand me and take charge of both my image, social media and video marketing campaigns was absolutely the best business decision I ever made. I am both an actress and an entrepreneur, and I’ve enjoyed quite a bit of success in the past 30 years. But since Sue “reinvented” me, my income has more than tripled, my acting career has gone up to a whole new level (I am currently starring in two separate #1 rated series on two networks), and my media training business has more clients than I can actually handle – which is a very good problem to have.

I owe it all to Sue, who took me to my next evolution. Working with her has been life-changing. Literally. She changed not only how others perceive me, but how I perceive and value myself.

Because I am in Show Business, I know that image is everything. Sue came in and saw me in a new way, and I just let her run with it. One of the first things she did was to design a Hollywood Retro Glam photo shoot that gave us more than 2,000 photos to use going forward as advertising/brand assets! We have since used them to strategically create and roll out new programs, books, digital products, courses and social media videos and graphics. She has implemented an amazing video marketing strategy, doing everything from editing the videos herself and strategically posting them to achieve optimum results. Sue also designed a completely new website for me that makes me much more current and relevant.

I am so proud of what she’s done for me and how she’s made me stand out in my industry, at a time when most older actresses are just waiting for the phone to ring. She has also represented me well in meetings, personally working with the networks’ publicity teams to work as a team, which has helped increase their viewership. Thus, their relationship with me, and my value to them, is greatly enhanced as well.

Bottom line, Sue Melke is the best in the business and I can’t recommend her highly enough. In fact, I have been so impressed with her that she has now become my business partner on a venture called “Your Next Evolution”, in which we offer complete branding, media training and video marketing services to others. The bottom line is, if you want to take your image, career, business, and sales to a new level, quit thinking about it and just hire Sue. You will send me a thank you note.

Barbara Niven

CEO, Barbara Niven Enterprises, inc

Sue Melke is brilliant when it comes to branding and marketing your business! Not only do you have a look and design that is all your own but you also get optimized tech work. There are top internet marketing secrets that only the experts know, and utilize, and Sue keeps her team fresh on what’s working currently on Google, and for online marketing.

Servicing and management of your online properties are important to Google, so they should be to you as well. Updates, security and spam are not taken lightly as Sue has all of the bells and whistles in place for a smooth operation.

RESULTS are of course what any company wants for their marketing budget, and that’s Sue’s #1 goal. I know the back story of a particular client that utilized Sue for a website and marketing campaign, and her results were outstanding! The beauty and style of the website were a perfect match to the owner. People saw this, resonated to her message, and were attracted to opt-in on the landing page. This brought in 1,941 clients from just one promotion, resulting in $116,788 in new sales! However, it didn’t stop there! From another marketing strategy she utilized an upsell and was able to catapult that figure up to over $1 million + a database increase of over 2000 customers to continue to market to!

Sue and her team know what they’re doing, and when time is of the essence, you can be sure they will work around the clock for you. Whether by email, phone or text, she keeps in contact as she knows communication is key to collaboration on your success!

Marlene Allen

Sales Director, New Media Online Marketing Corp

Our partnership with Ms. Melke and the SHE4ME project is far and away the most successful commercial endeavor we have ever participated in and we are extremely proud of it. Because of their professionalism and the project's success, we awarded Ms. Melke and her leadership team as our Community Partner Honoree at our Los Angeles Garden Party & Awards in 2015.

I would happily work with Ms. Melke on another project to further the cause of human rights both nationally and globally.

Brian Silva

Executive Director MEUSA

I had the pleasure of working with Sue Melke and the Melke Branding team for our SNAP Melbourne event.Sue went above and beyond to secure talent for the day and helped drive awareness for our campaign following the event. Nothing was to much trouble for Sue. The team was quick to respond and offered up innovative ideas that really brought our concept to life.

SNAP Melbourne came runner up at the International News Media Association Awards in New York in the category "Best Use of an Event to Build a News Brand". Safe to say the event was a hit thanks to Melke Branding and I look forward to working with her again in the future!

Sally Roscheller

Director, SNAP Melbourne

Sue Melke efficiently and quickly helped THE UPSIDE with gaining relevant music rights for a short video. Her speed and confidence as well as her in depth knowledge of the subject gave us great confidence in her achieving our desired outcome. Most importantly she is approachable and incredibly helpful in every way. We look forward to working with her again!

Alexandra Barr

Account Director, The Upside

The inclusion of free music premiums, specially compiled and tailored by Melke have helped us to achieve higher retention rates than our set targets. The branded music premiums have added quality and depth to our campaigns and left a lasting impression on our subscription campaigns with the recipients. Melke showed a professional approach to each project and a willingness to move mountains to get the right track selections.

Newslimited Marketing Manager


I have more than 30 years experience as a senior executive with a major US defense and government services contractor. After 7 years of working with Sue Melke and observing the quality of her creative, branding and promotional work and dedication to "delivery" for her clients, I am pleased to give Sue and Melke Branding my highest level of recommendation.

Sue is a person of great ability and integrity. Her work ethic is impeccable and she has never failed to deliver top quality, professional grade material on time or ahead of time on every project for which she has been engaged.

Pete Brocklesby

Managing Partner, United Minerals International B.V.

AMAZING! I couldn’t be happier with the editing you did to create my speaker reel!! You can count on referrals Sue. You do amazing work! (Now send me a bill!)

Carol McManus

The linked-In Lady

Sue’s one of Australia’s best known and trusted Executives in the commercialisation of Entertainment.

We’ve been working together for nearly 20 years on a multitude of Projects covering music and movies. Notable milestones are Tourism Australia’s inaugural ‘G’Day LA’ Event wherein Sue showcased some of Australia’s music talent and a retail product celebrating "40 Years of Rock” for partners, News Corp. Current Projects cover the generation of databases for some of Australia’s leading Companies.

Our next Promotion is a US based, LeadGen Music themed Promotion.

Mike Da Silva


Sue Melke has done a wonderful job for me. I found her to be highly creative, organized, knowledgeable and on top of her game.

She is an excellent writer and producer. I highly recommend Sue to market and brand you. She is a major talent.

Carole Dean, President From the Heart Productions, Creator of the Roy Dean Film Grant, winner of the WIFI Lifetime Achievement Award

Carole Dean

President - From The Heart Productions & IndieGogo

Sue has worked with me on several videos for my business - she is lovely to work with, get's content and knows how to make it look great. timely, responsive, creative and such professional quality!! When I received my speaker reel, I actually cried it looked so good. She had taken some really raw and spotty footage and made it look so polished and amazing! love love love working with her!

Hollie Mileski

CEO, High Jump Leadership

Sue is such a talented graphic designer and video editor.

I trust her to do amazing work for my own business and for my clients. I highly recommend her services!

Debbie Allen

Best Selling Author, International Business & Brand Strategist

Probably the largest “phase” of planning, research entails many exercises, activities, and entities to uncover what makes the brand tick, what their values and goals are, who their audience is (and who they want it to be), where they’ve been — and where they hope to go. Other examples include:

  • Personas – Websites are made with a specific target audience in mind. Personas are the epitome of the ideal audience member, and the remainder of the project is tailored to this imaginary user.
  • Content Inventory – Mapping everything that exists on the current site (if applicable) and seeing what does and does not work, if the patterns exists and to set the stage in terms of history and thought.
  • Kickoff design exercises – A series of exercises and activities in designers will hold with clients in order to understand the mindset and desires of the clients.
  • Content strategy – what kind of tone and voice should encompass the website’s content? who will create and maintain this content? Where, when,  and how will it be published?
  • Site mapping – A compilation and arrangement of components, modules,  and pages into a structured folder-like system.
  • SEO research – You may need to perform keyword research, competition analysis, and content planning to ensure your website is advertised, shared,  and discovered as best as it can.
  • Wireframing – A visual blueprint that details out all of the website’s functionality, user flows, layouts, and so, so much more.

Specialists in this block include everyone from the previous block to some extent, but the bulk of this falls primarily into the laps of user experience designers (UX), user interface designers (UI), visual designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, programmers, and CMS architects.

  • Prototyping – Prototyping is the evolution of the wireframes; it’s taking what has been sketched and planned out and turning it into a functional skeleton that we can view and test in-browser.
  • Visual inventories – A comprehensive array of existing styles, themes, motifs, and patterns that the client can select from.
  • User interface design – An amalgamation of brand patterns (such as colour, type, imagery, etc.) that is combined with the prototype to “flesh it out” and bring it to life.
  • CMS development – The content management system is built to accommodate all the requirements the client will need to create and maintain content.
  • Database setup – Every website needs a home. certain content and functionality may only exist because of server-side programming.
  • Website development – The bulk of the “build” block, website development is the act of coding and programming. This includes core languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and even additional website-specific languages such as Ruby, PHP, Java, XSLT, etc.
  • Quality assurance testing – A check to make sure there are no broken links, broken pages, missing functionality, completed content, etc.
  • Device testing – A website is tested on a multitude of devices and browsers, ranging from the tiny to the enormous, to ensure an enhanced, optimized experience for each and every user.
  • CMS training – Making sure all necessary parties on the client’s team understand the capabilities and limitations of the content management system.
  • Site optimization – Site optimization refers to a variety of performance factors including A/B and multi-variate testing. this sort of optimization tests what content and functionality of your website is working, what isn’t, and what can be updated, revised, and tweaked to improve overall website goals.
  • Site maintenance – Doing routine checkups and reviews to make sure content, functionality, and design decisions are intact and performing as desired.
  • Digital analytics – Reviewing who is doing what on the website. By pulling metrics and studying how users are interacting with the website, one can determine and suggest changes and improvements.
  • Analysis and testing – Studying the analytics and testing iterations.
  • A/B testing – Testing multiple versions to a large group of users, and studying which route performs best.
  • Social media marketing – Promotion and marketing on various social media channels, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Foursquare, among others.
  • Email marketing – The sending out (and studying of user reaction) of email newsletter campaigns.